Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the India’s first planned city. This meticulously planned city is probably one of the best places to stay in the country. However, this people-oriented city also needs to go on a break and see something that exists in contrast to its more than perfect city life, fortunately, its location offer easy access to several places that are actually ideal for weekend getaways. City to beautiful Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, culturally rich Delhi and diverse Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh opens the doors for the people of Chandigarh to have memorable weekend trips all year round. See the list of best places to visit near Chandigarh.

1.  Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

Best Places to visit near ChandigarhParwanoo is a excellent destination for vacations. It is 30-40km drive from Chandigarh on the way to Shimla on the foothills of Shivalik range. The climate & view is pleasant. This place is best for weekend retreat with family and friends. It is also destination for nature lovers. This destination is packed with lakes, temples and gardens and a ride on a cable car, a trip to this town can be most enjoyable and cherished.

Nice, quiet romantic place for a one day trip. If one is bugged of hectic noisy surroundings all around them. This is the best places to visit near Chandigarh. In between hills, this place allows you to relax and find yourself in a busy life schedule.

 Places in Parwanoo:

Timber Trail                                                       Cactus Garden                                               Mughal Gardens

Gurudwara Nada Sahib                                   Kali Mata Temple                                        Mansa Devi Temple

2.  Morni Hills, Haryana

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

It’s a very quiet place to go near Chandigarh. Morni has long been popular among young day-travelers from Chandigarh. The opening of several new hotels in the last few years has now made it a popular overnight destination as well.

A 40 km drive from Chandigarh, Morni offers a wide range of experiences. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. It is also a great place for those who like to trek and camp.

The trek to Ghaggar River is the most famous trek in Morni Hill. This small hill station is known for its vivid variety of flowers and different bird species.

Places In Morni Hills:

Tikkar Taal                                                             Bada Tikkar                                                       Chota Tikkar

3.  Kasuali, Himachal Pradesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Kasauli is peaceful, beautiful and non-commercialized. It is a place where one can just be, relax and feel truly rejuvenated. Kasauli is a good place to visit on weekends or for a short break. You can visit the place with family, friends or couples. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. Situated at a distance of about 54kms from Chandigarh. Weather is always awesome; you can see the clouds touching the trees.

Apart from the natural and cultural beauty. The pace as nice shopping street, called the Mall Road. One can find fine winter clothes, handicraft etc. Great place for chill-out with friends. Great sightseeing! There’s a timber trail on the way. That’s too great for the sightseeing of the mountains. Beautiful nature views from timber trail. There’s highest peak from there you can see great views of nature and from there one can see the view of Chandigarh.

Places in Kasuali:

Monkey Point                                               Baba Balak Nath Temple                                                 Christ Church

Baptist Church                                                    Kasauli Brewery                                                              Beja State

4.  Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Shimla is very neat and clean city. This is queen of hills. It is the capital of HP located at the foothills of Himalaya. Shimla is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the north India. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. The Mall Road is stunning spot in Shimla. The place looks like a Page from fairy tales.

This town has colonial-style buildings alongside the historic temples and the amalgamation of the worlds leaves everyone visiting this region spellbound. Shimla is about 130km away from Chandigarh. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of unspoilt nature.

Places in Shimla:

Christ Church                                                         Mall Road                                                          Jakhoo Temple

Kali Bari Temple                                                    The Ridge                                                                  The Glen

Tara Devi                                                                 Mashobra                                                                     Kufri

5.  Nahan, Himachal Pradesh:

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Nahan has its own way of alluring travelers; yes, it is a hill station with undeniably one of the most beautiful landscapes but along with it, It’s also draws attention for its rich history and heritage as well. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. Nahan is at a short distance of about 90kms from Chandigarh and thus makes a perfect weekend destination for the city.

The hill statuin is also reckoned to be a land of folklores and legends. This beautiful little hill station is a serene place, where along with indulging in interesting stories, you can enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of a city life.

Places in Nahan:

Chakkar ke Sadak                                                         Chaugan                                               The Mall Road

Shivji Temple                                                        Kalisthan Temple                                         Markanda

6.  Chail, Himachal Pradesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Chail is a silent town in himachal Pradesh it’s a great place to visit in holidays. An exotic hill station at a short distance of 103kms from Chandigarh. The weather and natural beauty are most refreshing as it gets cold during evening and morning. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. Chail is a very beautiful place, close to nature, serene and peaceful. Amazing view of the stars from here. The sky looks so clear full of stars. Chail also got the cricket ground which is highest in the world.

Bliss for nature lovers and trekkers, lot many activities with the resorts make it a complete family /group/ friends holiday. All age group can enjoy the same; this place is for people who would like to spend time away from hustle bustle of cities. Covered with chir pine and tall deodars, this beautiful hill station was once the summer retreat of the Maharaja of Patiala.

Places in Chail:

Chail Sanctuary                                                     Cricket Ground                                                   Chail Gurudwara

Rashtriya Military School

7.  Dalhousie, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Dalhousie is very famous place in hills. It is a heaven to the mountain lovers. This is one of the most visited towns in himachal. An ideal place to relax and de-stress, Dalhousie is about 322kms from Chandigarh. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. This is a beautiful place for people who want to take a break in the peaceful environment of the these mountains.

This place is also good for family as well as the kids would enjoy a lot. A excellent location away from home. You will get a good shopping experience of shawls and other woolen items. The best part of the visit was to have a flavor of Himalayan forests and their majestic trees.

Places in Dalhousie:

The Malls                                                                   Moti Tibba                                                           Potreyn Hills

St. Francis Church                                               Alah Water Tank                                                   Dainkund Walk

8.  Dharamshala, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Dharamshala is situated in the Kangra valley of Himachal pradesh. It is best place for weekend trips. The most beautiful place, main attraction was cricket stadium of Dharamshala. Dharamshala is situated at a distance of 244kms from Chandigarh and can be reached in less than 7 hours. Best places to visit near Chandigarh.  The view of snow capped mountain was looking very beautiful. There are many tourist spots like monastery, Dal lake, church, McLeodganj, bhagsunath waterfall and many more.

The main attraction of Dharamshala is the Buddhist monastery; however it has some beautiful churches as well. The city is calm and serene and offers trekking opportunity as well.

Places in Dharamshala:

Kangra Art Museum                                                  St. John’s Church                                                 Bhagsunath

War Memorial                                                                  Kunal Pathri                                                        Dal Lake

9.  Mussoorie Uttrakhand

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Mussoorie is situated in Uttarakhand. The hill station is located at the foothills of the Garhawl Himalayan ranges, and is also known by its nickname “The Queen Of Hills”. It is the place which known as the gateway to the “Gangotri and “Yamunotri” shrines. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. The best time to visit the during monsoons and cold during the winters make it pretty Amazing. Situated about 200kms from Chandigarh, Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station that flaunts lush green hills, silver waterfalls, and pristine ambiance and has amiable people.

Places in Mussoorie:

Mussoorie Lake                                                            Company Garden                                                     Bhatta Falls

Jharipani Falls                                                       Sir George Everest House                                                Gun Hill

Lal Tibba                                                                             Cloud End                                                      Camel’s Back Road

10.  McLeodganj, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

One of the most fulfilled holiday destination in India. The best thing about the place is that it is one of the finest spot for all age group people. It has all sorts of destinations meant for peace, romance, and meditation. The best season to visit this place is March to July and October to January. McLeodganj is covered with pine trees and surrounded by the Dhauladhar range. Best places to visit near Chandigarh.

The prime attraction of the place Dalai Lama temple complex is just located at the end of the market place. The distance from Chandigarh to McLeodganj is 246km. It is very amazing and adventures hill station. McLeodganj is good place to visit. It is well connected by trains air and road.

Places in McLeodganj:

Dalai lama temple                                                             Masoor temple                                             Tibet museum

Bhagsunath temple                                                           Bhagsu waterfall                                     Kangra Art musuem

11.  Barog, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Barog is a beautiful destination in himachal Pardesh. It come from a shimla route. Surrounded by nature and beauty. Distance from Chandigarh to Barog is 60km. Perfect place to unwind and get rid of the big city stress. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. Good place to spend quality of time with their friends and family.

Barog is an excellent hill city with beautiful valleys and hills. The place is good for trekking an you will find many excellent sports to trek. Its a highly recommended destination.


Places in Barog:

Railway Station                                                                                                                      Forest Area

12.  Kufri, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Kufri is very fascinating with lot of adventure activities. Awesome views surrounded by pine & cedar trees. It is about 128km far from Chandigarh. Kufri is good destination for your vacations if you are looking for an adventure, peace and fun. The calmness of the mountains and its beauty just captures your soul. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. It is good hill station near Shimal.

A great place for kids and any age group to hang out and have fun. It’s thrilling to go on a giant wheel at top of the mountain. There is a temple with 100 steps situated at top. The scenery lets you experience its beauty. Shimla is not far from here. Kufri is a place more beautiful and peaceful from the crowed ones.

Places in Kufri:

Himalayan Nature Park                                                                                                               Kufri Zoo

13.  Shoghi, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Shoghi is beautiful destination in Himachal Pardesh. It is situated near shimla. Distance from Chandigarh to Shoghi is 100km. That’s is excellent place to visit with your family and friends. such a refreshing traquel beauty of nature with the sun rising , a slight glismp of himalayass , scary dense forest and the Chirpping birds. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. The serene beauty and the freshness of the cool summer breeze. Perfect destination away from the city life.


Places in Shoghi:

Burma Bridge

14.  Naldehra, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Naldehra, located 22 km upslope of Shimla, is a picturesque holiday destination with splendid valleys, majestic mountains, and amazing sunset & sunrise views. The place is surrounded by alpine and deodar woods and the vast open stretch is perfect for horse riding. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. Distance from Chandigarh 137km. We can enjoy interesting activities in Naldehra like 9-hole golf course, walks along the valley, and horse riding.


15.  Mashobra, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

It is a wonderful place very near to nature. Located on the lap of the Shivaliks, the lush green coniferous trees whisper you a warm welcome. As you make your way meandering through the hills of Shimla – Naldhera road. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. It is 125km far away from Chandigarh.

Mashobra’s proximity to Shimla makes it a perfect alternative for people who are looking for a peaceful little hill-station. With just about enough resorts and enchanting natural bounty, come to Mashobra if you have a for a lazy weekend outing or a weeklong vacation. There are plenty of nature trails that you can explore around and find many a kinds of wild berries, mushrooms, butterflies and insects.

16.  Solan, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

Solan is best known for its, lush green mountains, the buzzing Mall road. The mushroom city has heritage, is spiritual, and has parks, market and something for everyone. Solan is a picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Located midway between Kalka and Shimla, it has derived the name from Goddess Shoolini Devi – the primary divinity of the region. Best places visit to near Chandigarh. Its distance from Chandigarh is 67.5 Km and the hill stretch cab be covered in 2 hours.

There are many options stay in solan like Himani Resort, Paragon Palace, and Ambusha Resorts. Visiting the place in winters has its own awesome perks. The snow clad mountains (even snowfall in December will give you a heavenly feel.

Places in Solan:

Jatoli Temple                                                                                                               Mohan Shakti Park

Shoolini Mata Temple                                                                                                      Buddha Monestary

17.  Renukaji, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

The place is known for its sparkling lake, which is by the way the largest lake in the state. Fringed by lofty mountains, Renuka ji is a quiet little place that boasts of pristine beauty and tranquil environs. Distance from  Chandigarh  to Renukaji is 122Km. It situated at Sirmor District of Himachal Pardesh.  Best places to visit near Chandigarh. One can enjoy boating and trekking in Renuka ji to the fullest. A perfect getaway for those seeking peace of mind, Renuka Ji can be a good place for weekend visit from Chandigarh.

It’s surrounded with few old temples. It’s very peaceful place and you will like to stay back at this place. There is one ancient temple which is dedicated to Lord Parshu Ram ji. In temple premises there is one ancient rock, it is said that Lord Parshu Ram ji had done long meditation (tapasya) sitting on it. Renuka Lake is not only the biggest but also one of the beautiful lake with huge mountains in backdrop with clean water, green surroundings.

Places in Renukaji:

Renuka Lake                                                        Parshuram Taal                                                Renuka Temple

Jamu Peak                                                                  Mini Zoo                                                                Jataun

18.  Manikaran, Himachal Pardesh

Best Places to visit near ChandigarhManikaran is religious destination in Himachal Pardesh. This is situated in Parvati Vallery. Distance from Chandigarh to Manikaran is 293Kms. This is important pilgrimage destination for all but specially for Sikhs and Hindus. Best places to visit near Chandigarh. The most beautiful place in manikaran  is Gurudwara and  The hot spring water.

The atmosphere is calm and peaceful and a sense of holiness and purity fills the air. The water of the spring is believed to have healing properties. Thus one can see a large number of believers coming here. At Manikaran, one has the opportunity to rejuvenate oneself in the lap of beautiful and tranquil surroundings. It is a perfect place to attain mental peace as well.

Places in Manikaran:

Pulga                                                                               Khirganga                                                   Malana Village

Shoja                                                                        Chandrakhani Pass

19.  Narkanda

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

The beautiful Narkanda hill station is situated at Himalayas. Narkanda hill station is at a distance of 180 kilometers from Chandigarh. It is an ideal getaway for people who seek to relax in an undisturbed and tranquil location, far away from the bustling city life. Best places to visit near Chandigarh.  The place is famous for its apple and peach plantations.

The dense forests are always successful in attracting tourists who enjoy each and every moment walking in the dense thickets of the slopes. The best time to visit Narkanda is during the winters. Narkanda has its own ski resort and is a hit among tourists who come to visit this place.

20.  Lansdowne, Uttrakhand

Best Places to visit near Chandigarh

A quiet hill station, nestled in the lap of Garhwal Himalaya, Lansdowne is best places near Chandigarh. Dotted with aligned chirr pine and oak tree forests Lansdowne in Uttarakhand is a very picturesque hill station. Lansdowne is situated 301kms from Chandigarh. The tranquil and the pristine surroundings offer a very romantic environment; thus Lansdowne is an ideal getaway for honeymooners and solo travelers as well.


Places in Lansdowne:

Bhullatal                                                                   Tarekeshwar Mahadev Temple                        St Mary Church

Kanvasharam                                                                           Tiffin Top                                                War Memorial

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