Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Chandigarh was formed after the Indian independence, as the first planned city of post-independence India. The city is known to be totally distinctive from the rest of the cities in India and is considerably well organized as compared to the rest of India. Best tourist places Chandigarh. Chandigarh, in the state of Punjab is located at the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas.

Due to the high altitude location the climate of Chandigarh stays favorable all year round. In that case, Chandigarh is best tourist place. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Whenever you visit here, the people around the world to visit to see best Chandigarh tourist places. The city due to its highly urban planning and low crime rate remains a favorite tourist attraction as it serves as a home away from home for most foreigners who visit India.

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Here’s the list of the best tourist places in Chandigarh.

1. Rock Garden

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

The Rock Garden is a unique garden in Chandigarh. This is best Tourist Place of Chandigarh. The other name of rock  garden is  Nek Chand Rock Garden.  The Rock garden is created by Nek Chand. It is spread over an area of 40 acres.  Garden is fully made of industrial and home wastage and throw-away items.

The Rock Garden has many man-made waterfalls and many other sculptures that have been made of scrap and other kinds of wastage like bottles, glasses, bangles, tiles, ceramic pots, sinks, electrical waste, broken pipes, mirrors and other things  which is not usable for daily use. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. which are placed in walled paths.

The Rock Garden has many ways which attached with each others. The last phase of Rock Garden is very beautiful and wonderful. In the last phase, many things to do in his visit in Rock Garden. The rock garden is a complex labyrinth, with paths, gateways, steps, waterfalls, courtyards, porches and buildings. Best Tourist Place to visit in Chandigarh. The garden is visited by over 5,000 people daily.

Address: Rock Garden, Sector 1, Chandigarh, 160001

2. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, is a Most beautiful Rose garden in Chandigarh. The Rose Garden has different types of rose bushes. The name of the rose garden is taken from former President of India, Zakir Hussain. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.

The Rose Garden has many trees of medicinal value. Some of the medicinal plants are here like bel, bahera, harar, camphor and yellow gulmohar. The rose plants have been planted in square carved lawns and flower beds.
Apart from serving as a host of other events, the zakir rose garden is host the most beautiful festival of Chandigarh, The Rose Festival. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. People from Chandigarh and nearby places to visit rose garden to see rose festival. The attraction of Rose festival are food, drinks, joyrides.In the festival many competitions such as  photography, gardening, landscaping, bonsai, and Rose Prince and Princess.

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The contests are open to the residents or institutions from nearby places.
This park garden is big and beautiful.  Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Designs vary interesting build and roses may be displayed alongside other plants or grouped by individual variety, color or class in rose beds.

Wikipidia link of Rose Garden 

Address: Track, 16B, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160016

3. Sukhna Lake

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

The Lake is the One of the best tourist place in Chandigarh. This is good place to visit in holidays. The very good thing about sukhna lake is that it is man made lake. The lake is 3 km long with beautiful road and walking footpath. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The lake was created in 1958.

The Sukhna Lake is very beautiful man made lake with surrounded by trees and greenery. People visit this place in the morning to enjoy the cool breeze and beauty of nature. Best Tourist places Chandigarh. This is best place for picnic and outing for family, friends and colleagues. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. In the raining season, the atmosphere over here is very serene.

You can do many things in Sukhna lake like boating, Shikara ride, get a portrait  made, ride the bull, go for a camel ride, visit suicide point, get clicked with peepal tree, climb the tower stairs to get a golf course view from the top, feeds the ducks and many other thing to do in the Sukhna Lake.

Address:   Sukhna Lake, Sector 1, 160001

4. ChattBir Zoo

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Chattbir Zoo also known as the Mahendra Chaudhry Zoological Park. It is located at a distance 17km from Chandigarh. The zoo houses a huge number of exotic and wild animals, birds and reptiles. The main attraction of Chattbir zoo Chandigarh is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Chattbir Zoo is a zoological park situated close to Zirakpur.

The zoo was constructed in the 1970 and is home to a large variety of birds, mammals and reptiles.

The gems of this zoo include the variety of wild animals, beautiful reptiles and so many colorful birds. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The zoo is home to 369 mammals, 400 birds and 20 reptiles.

The Chhatbir Zoo, Chandigarh is also an ideal picnic spot and also the perfect place for a children’s day out. The kids can run around free and also learn about different animals at the same time here. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The ticket rates in the zoo for 3-12 year age Rs 5 each and for above Rs. 20 each. The Private vehicle not allowed in the zoo.

Address: Chattbir Zoo Rd, Sahibzada,

Ajit Singh Nagar, Chhat, Punjab 140603

5. Government Museum and Art Gallery

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

The massive art Gallery is located in sector 10 and is one of the best tourist places in Chandigarh. The museum contains antiquities from the Indus valley civilization to different paintings and coins from the ancient and historical times. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The gallery also contains the dinosaur fossils which were excavated in the region. The Government Museum & Art Gallery is designed by the Swiss born French architect, Le Corbusier.

Government Museum & Art Gallery in Chandigarh is very famous tourist attraction place that house magnificent Gandhara period stone sculptures. This Museum opens all days of the week except for Monday. Best Tourist Place Chandigarh. It is open for public from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 4.40am, and closed all  national holidays. The entry ticket is Rs 10/- and camera ticket is Rs. 5/-. It has a free entry for organized school groups and senior citizens.

Facilities such as wheel chairs for the physically challenged are provided. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The auditorium is available on a low fee for cultural and educational events as is also the exhibition hall for temporary exhibitions to artists. You can  also find beautiful painting here. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. It houses has number of art galleries, which can be broadly classified as Gandhara and Hindu Scripture, Miniature paintings, Decorative Arts and Coins Art Gallery.

Address: Jan Marg, 10C, Sector 10 C, Chandigarh, 160011

6. Open Hand Monument

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

The Open Hand Monument is a symbolic structure designed by the architect Le Corbusier and located in the Capitol Complex of the Indian city and union territory of Chandigarh. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Best Places to see in Chandigarh.

It is the emblem or symbol of the Government of Chandigarh and symbolizes “the hand to give and the hand to take; peace and prosperity, and the unity of mankind”.  It stands 26 meters high.

The metal structure with vanes is 14 meters high, weighs 50 short tons and was designed to rotate in the wind. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.
The Open Hand is located in Sector 1 in Chandigarh. The Open Hand Monument is one of the most notable structures in the city. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. It consists of a hand-like structure standing on a trench which rotates like a weather cock with the flow of the wind. The Open Hand made up of metal sheets.

The purpose behind the construction of this open hand structure was for the people to have at least one place in the city where they could freely discuss the problems concerning Chandigarh and eventually take the right decisions for the betterment of the city. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.

Address: 31, Uttar Marg, 4A, Sector 4, Chandigarh, 160001

7. Elante Mall

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Elante developed by Larsen & Toubro Group. The Mall is the largest mall in Chandigarh city located at Phase-1, Industrial. The Mall is spread over an area of 20 acres and houses premium national and international brands along with a mix of the hypermarket, departmental stores, Sports Bar, Bowling Alley. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.

It has about 218 brands who are the tenants of the mall. The mall also have entertainment zone with multiplex and food court. Elante is a place where one could enjoy shopping, entertainment and office spaces-all under one roof. Elante Mall is the biggest mall of Chandigarh. Best Tourist Place Chandigarh. Elante Boosts of a vast food court. Elante has got a large number of entertainment activities. It has Fun City on the top floor along with many other sporting activities like Bowling.

The mall has 8 screen PVR cinemas which often goes house full throughout the week. Whenever someone talks about shopping malls in Chandigarh, Elante is one such name that comes to our mind. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. It is very beautiful mall in Chandigarh. Around the world people come to see and shopping in the mall.

Address: Elante Mall, 178-178A, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002

8. International Dolls Museum

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

International Doll Museum was established in 1985 by Chandigarh administration with collaboration with the Rotary Club of Chandigarh. The Museum locked in the Sector 23 in Chandigarh. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. This is the best museum in the country.  It houses splendid dolls and puppets gathered from all over the world.

It was set up for the purpose of entertaining the kids. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. It serves like an amusement park for children. In the Chandigarh International Dolls Museum, you can find about 250 different kinds of dolls collected from countries like Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Korea etc. An added attraction for children is the toy train. It is a must visit place of the city.

Highlights: toy train and beautiful dolls collected from all over the world.

Address: Bal Bhawan B, Udyog Path, 23B, Sector 23, Chandigarh, 160023

9. Japanese Garden

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh Chandigarh. Japanese Garden is the latest addition to the beauty of Chandigarh. This Japanese style park, developed over an area of 13 acres, showcase the Japanese culture, art and various types of plants. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The main attractions of this garden include a pagoda tower, meditation hut, Zen garden, statues of Buddha, a small pond with pretend crocodiles, a bridge over the pond and much more.

It is almost 4.5 kilometers from Sector 43 bus stand and at almost same distance from sector 17 bus stand. This park is free for visitors, there is no entry ticket. Here you can enjoy a picnic with your family for free. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. There are no specific timings for the entry to this garden. If you want to go there for a morning walk or you want to visit in the park for a walk after dinner, you will find the gates open.

 Address: Sector 31 A, Chandigarh, 160030

10. Le Corbusier Centre

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

This museum has all the data related to architect Le Corbusier and this museum is very wonderfully created. Le Corbusier Centre is made by one of the fan of architecture and designer Le Corbusier. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. This is tourist attraction in Chandigarh.

This Museum has documents, and plans Le Corbusier, along with enthralling letters enlightening the politics following the project, and also one from Jawaharlal Nehru to the Chief Minister of Punjab. As this center shows what contributions have done by Le Corbusier to make this beautiful city Chandigarh. This Museum is made for the fans and followers of Le Corbusier.

This museum only consists of work of painting and art, and be a sign of the harmonic union of Le Corbusier architecture, paintings, sculptures, furniture propose and his writings which are exclusive and probably the only one such accessible structure in the humanity.

The main aim of the Centre would be preservation, research, display of the works and legacy of Le Corbusier.

Address: Old Architect Building, Madhya Marg, Sector 19B, Sector 19, Chandigarh, 160019

11. Terraced Garden

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Terraced Garden is one of the best tourist places and perfect picnic spot in Chandigarh, the Terraced garden is spread around an area of 10 acres and is a well maintained botanical garden in Chandigarh. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The Garden was established in 1979 and is best visited during the evening hours to experience the cool breeze and naturally environment.

Terraced Garden is very beautiful and trees in the garden are very unique and sharp. One can see hundreds of different varieties of flowers in the garden. In evenings, people enjoy the cool breeze that flows in the garden.

The main attraction factor of terraced flower garden is its lighted musical fountain, where popular folk as well as film songs are played. It serves as the main venue for conducting the Chrysanthemum Show that is held annually. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Terraced flower garden contains exquisite varieties of flowering plants.


Address: Sector 33B, Sector 33 B, Chandigarh, 160032

12. Garden Of Fragrance

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Garden of Fragrance is one of the most prominent garden of the city. The Garden is locked at Sector 36 Chandigarh. The garden has been planned properly with plants lined in beautiful designs and paths. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The garden can be visited at any time of the year, and also at any time of the day.

The Garden of Fragrance is located near the Hibiscus Garden. The garden is popular among locals, as one of the best picnic spots in the city. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Jogging and walking tracks have been laid out in the garden for the convenience of early risers, and those who wish to enjoy a morning or evening walk in the beautiful and refreshing surroundings.

The trees in the garden sharp and beautiful and many types of trees are here.  Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.The Garden of Fragrance has some picnic areas, where people get together to have fun with their family and friends.

These picnic areas have open spaces with green grass and benches, where people can sit and rest. Shade is also provided in the picnic areas, so that people can relax and enjoy their outing.

Address: Fragrance Garden Rd, 36B, Sector 36, Chandigarh, 160036

13. The Tower Of Shadows

Best Tourist Places ChandigarhThis is created by Le Corbusier and Situated in Sector 1 Chandigarh. This is a monument that adds on to the beauty of the city. The Tower of Shadows is planned go to between the place of Justice and Parliament building. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Best Place for to see in Chandigarh.

Found between the High Court and the Parliament the tower captures the shadows formed with the movement of sun.

Address: Capitol Complex, Sector 1, Chandigarh, 160001

 14. Mansa Devi Mandir

Mansa Devi Temple is very famous and older in the city. This temple is situated in Panchkula. Considered to be one of the temples of great significance for their worshippers, it is visited by people in millions during the festival of Navratri in April and October. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.

This Temple is best tourist place in Chandigarh. Thousands of People come here daily. The entire temple complex is spread over an area of about 100 acres of the Shivalik foothills.

The main attraction of the temple is formed by a tree around which devotees tie sacred threads to get their prayers completed. This temple is a must visit for peace lovers. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Tourists consistently speak of the remarkably clean premises. The main temple can be reached after climbs the  stairs.

The free kitchens or bhandaras operate within the shrine complex and provide free food to all devotees. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. The Patiala Temple is also situated. You can visit here any time and any day of the week. The temple is full of crowd.

Address: Located at a distance of about 8 km from the city of Chandigarh,  Mansa Devi Temple Complex, Panchkula, Haryana 134114

15. Butterfly Park

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Butterfly Park in Chandigarh is situated in sector 26 of Chandigarh. The butterfly park is extended over a region of 7 acres. In this garden for making habitat of butterflies special care is taken.

This park is full of plants and vegetation with a different variety of trees. Butterfly park has different varieties of plants has Lantana, Dahlia, Marigold, Gazanian etc. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. This park also have amazing selection of mass plants for butterflies which includes Amla, Capris, Ashoka, Citrus Salix,Mango, Palm and Calotrpis etc.

This park has 35 species of butterflies in the park like Common Grass Yellow,  Blue Mormon, Chocolate pansy and Commander, Common Blue Bottle and Angled Castor etc. Best Tourist attraction place in Chandigarh.
Butterfly Park, in the evening cool breeze is blowing. For outing and picnic butterfly park is best place. Butterflies and flowers need one another. For meeting this needed factor and requirements varieties of plants that are flowering is there.

The sights of butterflies are exciting and interesting. You can visit in park in any time and any day of the month. Interesting butterflies in the park are main attraction for the tourist. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.

Address: Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

16. Shanti Kunj Park

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Shanti Kunj Park in Chandigarh is situated at a very peaceful place. That Place is free from any noise and pollution. Shani Kunj is near the Rose Garden and Cricket Stadium Sector-16.

There are many types of tress and plants in the Shanti Kunj, like vertical shaped trees, trees that provide shade, trees apt for environment and flowering trees.

There are so many gardens in the Chandigarh but Shanti Kunj is different from them. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh.  Nice and clean garden. Best time to visit is in early morning or in evening.

Shanti Kunj has few water streams and hence these over-bridges.  They look beautiful and unique. Shanti Kunj is full of flora and fauna. There are various kinds of flowers all around and well maintained.

In the garden you can enjoy cool breeze and beauty of nature. Best Tourist Place Chandigarh. Most of the lawns in Shanti Kunj has neat grass and you would definitely feel like stepping onto these lawns and sit for some time. Dustbins are installed in different parts of the park.

Address: Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160016

17. Fun City

Best Tourist Places Chandigarh

Fun City was established in year 1995 which makes it the first amusement park to come up near Chandigarh. After few years, it also introduced a water park and that too was the first water park of Chandigarh. Fun City is one of the best tourist attractions Place in Chandigarh.
Major Attractions of Fun City Chandigarh has an amusement park and Wonder Water which is a water park. The water park closes during winters and is thronged by visitors during summers. Best Tourist Places Chandigarh. Rides at Fun City Chandigarh is good.

The amusement park section of Fun City Panchkula has got over 20 hydraulic rides which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Fun city is for every age group. Wunder Water, which is the water park section at Fun City, has 6 landing pools, one activity pool, one sea wave pool and 17 different water slides of various shapes and sizes.
Ticket Price: Amusement Park Ticket at Fun City Chandigarh = Rs. 350.
Water Park Ticket = Rs. 770.
Combo Ticket for Amusement Park & Water Park = Rs. 790.

Kids below 3 feet of height and senior citizens above 65 years of age are offered free entry throughout the year.

Address: Chandigarh-Nada Sahib Gurudwara Barwala Road, Ramgarh, Punjab 140201


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